Join the Queen City Cinephiles independent film screening at GoodRoad Ciderworks! Come view indie movies with other cinephiles, join in Q&A with filmmakers, and mingle with fellow film aficionados! The screening will take place in the private upstairs area, pictured!

DATE: 12/8/2017
TIME: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
LOCATION: GoodRoad Ciderworks, 117 Southside Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217
COST: FREE for Queen City Cinephiles members (membership is a one-time-per-year fee of $10) or $5 cash at the door for NON-members.

You can also purchase membership through our Patreon for $1/month (Patreon supporters get extra perks like automatic entry in the monthly #CinephileStarterPack door prizes, reserved front row seating, and more!). Become a Patreon member here:

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There will be film discussion after each film.

Film Lineup: December 8 – Good Road Ciderworks – 7-10pm – Mental Health, Romance, Thrillers

Mental Health Block

Title: Memoire
Synopsis: After a man realizes he has Alzheimer’s Disease, his wife’s face begins to disappear, along with the memories of the life they made together.
Run Time: 6 mins
Film location: United States
Filmmaker: Collin McAtee
Genre: animation, drama, romance
Social Media:

Title: Aviva’s Winter
Synopsis: A peek into the world of thought-process schizophrenia, Aviva struggles to maintain control of her fragmented self in the most difficult week of her life.
Run Time: 15 mins
Film location: Bourne, MA
Filmmaker: Ali Presley Paras
Genre: Drama
Social Media: Instagram @thewildruffian, Twitter @alipresleyparas

Title: Sleep Walk
Synopsis: SLEEP WALK is a story about depression and the human need for connection.
Run Time: 15 mins
Film location: Canada
Filmmaker: Mel Mah
Genre: drama

Romance Block

Title: Santorini
Synopsis: After a quarrel with her boyfriend if Svetlana on the street is faced with a stranger, who saw in their meeting a sign.
Run Time: 22 mins
Film location: Greece, Russian Federation
Filmmaker: Sergey Nikolaev
Genre: romance

Title: Nostalgia
Synopsis: A film following a young man as he travels down a chaotic and reminiscent pathway in an attempt to overcome the haunting memories of a past lover.
Run Time: 12 mins
Film location: United Kingdom
Filmmaker: Oliver Thurley
Genre: drama, romance
Social Media: Instagram: NostalgiaShortFilm,

Title: The Last Word
Synopsis: The Last Word is a psychological drama set on the coast, covering the erosion, banality and predictability of modern relationships as Lana struggles to voice her feelings to Freddie, which unfortunately leads them into very unexpected circumstances.
Run Time: 13 mins
Film location: United Kingdom
Filmmaker: Alexander Moore
Genre: psych drama, thriller
Social Media:

Thriller Block

Title: Sunlight
Synopsis: 2036. A group of men mysteriously survived from the Apocalypse and live buried in a totalitarian society, where rules the sun, a tyrannical god. But the day that one of them starts to remember the women, the future of humanity is about to turn again…
Run Time: 15 mins
Film location: France
Filmmaker: Anatole Levilain-Clément
Genre: dystopian drama
Social Media:

Title: The Violet
Synopsis: During the war, a child tried to find a way to help his mother, he meets a girl that offers him help but with many demands for him to do in return.
Run Time: 19 mins
Film location: Iraq
Filmmaker: Baqer Al-Rubaie
Genre: sci-fi, dystopian

Title: No Tip
Synopsis: Loyalties are tested when a young man crosses paths with the son of a mob boss.
Run Time: 14 mins
Film location: North Carolina
Filmmaker: Crystal Marze
Genre: Thriller

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