This film is about Alba, a psychic who believes a candle has told her that a war is going to start on New Year’s Eve. Stressed because of this news, she finds refuge in a magical place, the Underwear Academy, a very bright clinic where everyone walks around in underwear in order to liberate themselves from their fears. They remove all clothes, all the heaviness of the world and remain only in what is essential, the underwear. Other therapies of the clinic include regular dancing classes and underwear competitions where the one who designs the best underwear gets a special prize. Alba finds a new home in such way and she meets the man of her dreams, Rock. He, thanks to his charisma, manages to distract her belief that a war may be on its way. Rock has been in the Underwear Academy for years and he’s obsessed by the search of a magic nose. He believes that when he is finally going to find the perfect nose, there will be total peace. It just so happens that Alba has this magic nose. Will this save them from the war? At midnight when the new year has started, are the bangs they hear from outside the fireworks or are they gun shots?

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