Queen City Cinephiles independent film screening & discussion at Resident Culture!

DATE: 1/25/18
TIME: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
LOCATION: 2101 Central Avenue
AGE INFORMATION: All ages welcome, dog-friendly
PARKING: Ample parking, with easy-to-access overflow parking

COST: $5 for one evening of screenings

This is our FIRST event at the wonderful Resident Culture Brewery location, so let’s make a great showing and support them for hosting our film screening!
Title: America Heard: Refugee of Hope
Synopsis: Syracuse, New York is an unlikely home to over 10,000 former refugees. Two women at the forefront of this community reflect on what their presidential vote means to those whose only true home is the American town that took them in.
Run Time: 5:00
Film location: United States
Filmmaker: Yasmin Mistry
Genre: POTUS, refugee documentary

Title: The Forgotten Part of America
Synopsis: A documentary depicting the plights faced by present-day Native Americans, all while exploring the past and potential future of tribal culture.
Run Time: 15:25
Film location: United States
Filmmaker: Fez Zafar
Genre: Native American Historical Documentary

Title: We The People
Synopsis: We The People explores the American Spirit through the diversity of its people.
Run Time: 1:58
Film location: United States
Filmmaker: Rollence Patugan
Genre: Photo montage
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Title: Mirror
Synopsis: She’s young. She’s in trouble. She’s staring at the mirror looking for answers. �But what she’s about to find can change her life.
Run Time: 3:00
Film location: United States
Filmmaker: Sara Eustáquio
Genre: Mental health
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Title: Marcus
Synopsis: The day after their elder brother Marcus comes out as transgender, Bonnie and Benny, a pair of curious twins set out – to the great dismay of everyone around them – to learn more, armed only with a camera, stubborn dedication, and a touch of ignorance.
Run Time: 13:21
Film location: Australia
Filmmaker: Rowan Quinn
Genre: Comedy, Drama, LGBT, Queer, Transgender, Mockumentary
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Title: Small Human?
Synopsis: This is the unique story (non-fiction) of a child who is 4.5 years old and also many more others like him, who have been forced by their parents to beg on the streets.
Run Time: 8:04
Film location: India
Filmmaker: Shubham Joshi
Genre: Documentary, Child rights

Title: The Royal
Synopsis: This film looks at how arts and culture were systematically destroyed by the Khmer Rouge, how the genocide stills affects the people of Cambodia and how a couple who lived through it came to reside in the Royal Cinema in Kampot as an attempt to revive an art form that was taken away from them.
Run Time: 4:40
Film location: Cambodia
Filmmaker: Darren Teale
Genre: Historical documentary, genocide, arts/cinema
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Title: Finding My Legs
Synopsis: Finding My Legs is about the past and the present of an extraordinary man whose young life takes in the worst horrors of Iraq and the best sides of the lie in contemporary Britain.
Run Time: 30:00
Film location: Iraq, United Kingdom, United States
Filmmaker: Alan Amin
Genre: Biographical documentary, inspirational, war injury
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Title: Copahue
Synopsis: Times of pain and impatience arise in the small house as a result of a disease that seemingly has no remedy, slowly compounding the health of his only daughter.
Run Time: 26:37
Film location: Argentina
Filmmaker: Néstor Berbél
Genre: Faith, economy, disease, ancient custom
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